Monday, 12 December 2016

Book reading

This morning we were reading with all of the teachers and we read with the best teachers. I was very good at Mr Burts office and we had so much fun with all of the teachers.  It was cool when we had a lot of the best teachers in the school and we were all very good. It was very very funny.  My favourite book was called My Hippopotamus which Mr Burt read to us.  It was my favourite because the girl ate crocodiles and she ate a dingo.  Mr Burt read it with funny voices which made it even  more funny.  Thank you to all the teachers for reading with us.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Tomorrow morning Room 15 are doing scratch on the iPad.  I'm going to be a tiger so it can be family with the lion mum she can eating other food she can eat other animals she is the was one funny one in the world of the forest she is very very powerful then the other animals but someone can make her doing the wrong thing because she can make the animals look like the tiger king because she was the cool family of the lion king and she had a little family of animals she was the best family of all animals she said because the animals make the right one for their family because she is very very good at their family she said to the animals king we were very got the animals king and the tiger and the animals were very angry at their family and their arn going to be their own family and their family will be the animals king of the animals and their family.

Monday, 28 November 2016


On Friday in the morning Room 15 made some milkshakes it was so funny and it had interesting at lunchtime we had the milkshakes it had some food in the cap I learnt about doing the right things when we are at the  table it was exciting because we did a lot of the milk was finishers fast it was cool when we put all the ingredients.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Make mousse

WALT:  We are learning about the changes in matter.  

What ingredients did we need to make mousse?
Milk and mousse powder

What happened when we added the ingredients?
It when from solid power then it went to liquid when we stirred it really fast and the powder dissolved.  Then it turned into a solid when it dissolved after we had been stirring for a long time . 

What  did we learn? 
 I learnt to make it dissolve and make the mousse solid and changed the mousse be a hard solid. It cannot be changed back.

Monday, 14 November 2016


On Friday it was amazing pt England did the Athletes and we did the 75 metres stations it was a lost of power but the 50 meters stations it was amazing because we were doing the best as we did the best as we can I love the Shotput it was amazing game the boys did not like the 75 metres it was the old game from 991 the 75 metres sprint.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Film Festival

When we went to the movies festival the whole of the school the want to go and they will take their school it was amazing the people they wanted the love the wanted we did the presenters was amazing in the movie they presenters all of pt England was prentere the mover room 14 did a amazing job at the mover the movie was a fun movie it was experience when the room went their movie the pt England did the amazing job of doing the mover room it was amazing all of their time was amazing but the teacher did amazing work.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Maths week 5


He wanted to take over the world and no body survived in the exploding but the police was alive in the big experience it was yet the experience was the big time in .the other experience that was a little more time in the zoo open the zoo and the tiger king was be released the king be will take over the world for one year in the king.

Lost in the forest

Friday, 4 November 2016

The haunted house

I want to go on a ghost hunt  so I can see you when  you go to the city. I want to scare the police so I can take the candy by myself so that I can  eat it.  I will be like a lion to and a lion king and the tiger king will be a king of the family and they will be good for their family and the lion and the tiger will be a family always to fight  the  war and the police so they will be the king of their a  hunters House when.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Who stole the bread?

The mouldy bread was in the scary  spooky cemetery.  Ghosts  take a bite when it was nighttime and the moon is in the sky. The poor people were so hungry they like old bread and they burned the  old bread.  In the morning it was not there but there were footmarks in the cemetery. The owner was so so so poor and she was very very very  angry that the bread was missing. After some time they safely found the old old bread in a coffin.

Just one Guinea pig

Friday, 14 October 2016

Maths week 1

WALT:  We are learning to solve addition and subtraction problems using different strategies

Bread tasting

On Tuesday we had 6 different breads made of different ingredients. Their was pita bread and it was so hard. It was cheesy but it was so good when room 15 ate the bread and we wrote  the different  ingredients. My favourite bread was the White bread because it has got different ingredients than the other bread.