Friday, 3 August 2018

my math Jerry

the My Hauora

Order is a Maori word the The four Maroon Supply ability and strength And the board dimensions are Taha tinana In Physical well-being your In a garden Anthony and self confident Taha whanau Social well-being and self-esteem Taha wairua Spiritual well-being I personally believe

Jerry math

   problem for this week is about learning about math

Friday, 27 July 2018

Assembly Writing

On monday day we had a immersion assembly at immersion assembly we did some jump jam then we sat down. We watched team 1s it was a little bit funny. Then we watch team 2s I like the part how mrs moran was at a farm and they played my favorite song and they used a drone to take voided from the sky and mr moran and mrs moran was doing a dance in their house. Then mrs moran made a fruit drink. Team 3s movie was so funny mr moran was sleeping and then his fack mom wolk him up it was funny. Team 4s was my team they made this game in there movie it’s called spon hockey. Then we watch team 5s there won was a play it was about doing yoga mr wasman was funny.

Move ya’ Body ~ Writing

Monday, 2 July 2018

Force of Fly

When my plane Takes off it has Force of Fly and And it goes around the world and needs to stop in different planes because of it's too heavy it will not my problem it will go in the water when they they never stop when you're going to Australia Day little stuff and like Sydney to go to live Brisbane because all they have forces of flight Alissa proper way to be properly weighted to go around the world and the right gas so nothing can happen.


~ Skydiving ~
Imaginative Recount Writing

Walt: write an effective and engaging recount.
Walt: include a variety of sentence types in our writing.
Walt: elaborate on our ideas using interesting and relevant details.
Step 1: Watch the video of a skydive. Step 2:

Talk to your neighbour about what it would be like to go skydiving. Add your ideas to the padlet.
Step 3: Plan for your writing

Imaginative Recount Writing
Me and tipi.    I when it a plane i was Terrified. In a Alaska. Of the plane

3-4 Experiences
Descriptive language/ elaborate:
Conclusion: How are you going to finish your recount?

Step 4: Start writing.

Once upon a time I was terrified I was jumping off the flight I didn't know what I was doing then that's when I went jump off the plane I felt like ice cream stepping on my face then there was a felt like I was having a cold cold cold shower and school then there when I was terrified didn't know what to do then I'll put my parachutes then I felt like something was forcing me back I would like a dog pulling me and it was cool so as Icy cold shower
  • I have watched the video of the sky dive.
  • I have planned my writing.
  • I have used punctuation (full stops, capital letters, etc.).
  • I have added detail to my writing by adding descriptive vocab (adjectives, adverbs).
  • I have used at least 3 of my senses in my writing (hear, see, taste, smell, touch).
  • I have included my own emotions.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Too Many Possums

Too Many Possums

P2-Why are possums considered pests?
Because they're dangerou
P2-Why do you think we don’t see possums very often?
They sleepin daylight they come out at night
P4-Why are possums pests in NZ but not Australia?
Because it  sunny
P6-Why is it a problem having so many possums?
Because they keep growing in New Zealand

Read your story to a buddy in your group have them rate you on the categories below. Talk about what you can do to improve your reading out loud.#

I read the story clearly and was careful when reading full stops.
I read the story with expression - it was fun to listen to.
I said all the words right.

Monday, 18 June 2018


Write out your voice over using paragraphs, ready to post on your blog. Begin by Copying and Pasting from the boxes above. Then read through it and fix it up (edit) to make sure it makes sense.
When my plane Takes off it has Force of Fly and And it goes around the world and needs to stop in different planes because of it's too. heavy it will not my problem it will go in the water when they they never stop when you're going to Australia Day little stuff and like Sydney to go to live Brisbane because all they have forces of flight proper way to be .properly weighted to go around the world and the right gas so nothing can happen.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

      Matariki Day Recount

It's water-cooled because we did painting and we made in the star to put it on our pension and we had a cookie and we cleaned up then we had lunch I went to wrap bikini then we we did sports then we did some painting again than later than to a drive then Repossessed are on our way back to make it look beautiful then we are cookie at when we went to go in the hole .

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

my math 2018

the star

Take time to think about the story and fill in the retell chart.

Watch the movie on the site.
Fold a fish of your own following the directions. Be sure to decorate your fish with pride and lots of colour.
Post a picture of your fish on your blog. Write 2-3 sentences about why the fish is so important to Maori culture based on the story we read in class.
The Star Fishes
Who? Mother, 7 fishes Tataraimaka Tane
Where? Sea  First, to stay away from Tataraimaka and to stay on the rook from Tataraimaka
Next, Tataraimaka caught the 7 little fishes Then, Tane felt sorry from them so he let them go

Finally, he let them go in the sky and they came margarita

Monday, 11 June 2018


Writing - Recount

When we want out ti was so so suning ti we want out of a game and we laid Copper and we try to go on the copper it we was had and we try to get the boy to get on the Copper and it got smile and smile and ti was the girl to hop on the copper and ti look easy and ti was had for the boy but ti got smile for the girl and ti was so so easy but when it came to room 9 boy and when it got smile for the boy ti got had for the boy but we laid down on them and it did go well and we like it and we did an han one all of room 9 all hop on and we did not good and we did a lan and it was cool and we tha was the cools day in room 9 Literacy Class And it was so so so cool but the boy came.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Jerry Writing - Narrative Week 6 Term 2 2018

there was a donkey and a dog was Running so so fast they got in a big big pool and the donkey don't like the water but they like to eat water and it good for them then there was a green big big dog and it was the big dog and it was. Green it look like a fat bats and it was make a big mess and it was not cool Because the Enormous Because they was so so little they did do Anything but the did something They made a pan and they wanted to defeat the green dog because they was being mean to the little puppy and they've made a good plan and a trap to defeat her so we never can come back ever again Want another one came over and they made another chat so I can get stuck in the net and they will never come come come back again……………………….. The END

Friday, 1 June 2018

DMIC Problem

                                   this is my DMIC Problem

fia fia

AWhat is a Fia Fia?
WALT: use a range of sentence types in our writing.
WALT: edit our work, checking that all our sentences make sense and that we have full stops and capital letters in the correct places.

Your task: You are going to write to explain what a Fia Fia is.

  • What does the word ‘Fia Fia’ mean, and where does the word come from?
  • What happens at a Fia Fia?
  • Why do we have a Fia Fia?
  • What does a Fia Fia mean to you?

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do do-do-do-do

I like the tonga Because i'm tonga I like my group I was in the driving donkey and it was so so so cool and  my Favourite group it was Samoan Because it was the Last group my group was the 2 group kapa Haka group after that was my 2  Favourite group was the tonga group Because my Friend was in it siosiua

Thursday, 31 May 2018

my Problem Solving - Follow up Task Week 5



Thursday, 24 May 2018

Jerry balloon Explosion

I'm riding a belt the balloon and Phoenix a bird and aeroplane and a water jet so they all come together and they all crash and And the Phoenix come going through keeps doing a circle and makes a tornado and a plane it's going through the tornadoes and it keeps going in and I heart balloon goes down all the way up until I can reach Mars and the water jet stays in the water In the water there was a tornado and a volcano under the world's biggest volcano in the world the jet stays in the dig water and a big tornado and lover to and it will Explosion and the water come up    

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

New Zealand Birds

                   New Zealand Birds

Read your text again and fill in the table with the correct information.

What do these words mean?  Finish each sentence.

  1. Endemic means…
  2. Prey is something that…
  3. If an animal is nocturnal it means that…
  4. Sadly, many animals are endangered which means…


Take a screenshot of your table above and post it to your blog with three sentences about what we have learnt.  

Friday, 23 February 2018

Hooman not

We did human knot and we did Hooman not and we try to get out of a human lot and it was so hard with did it with our whole team purple and over so cool at the same time and yeah we had a lots of fun and yeah I was so cool  far I hard And it was cool because we came nearly last but we still trying never give up but we still can you still carried on Cosworth strong-willed Point England

Friday, 16 February 2018


That's is not good because we are not looking after our Romance And it is not good because they Target and it is Murray and then rubbish around on the green pipe it should clean so we can have a happy place and her Happy Earth And pick up address And everybody will be happy and safe and not getting hurt