Wednesday, 12 December 2018


this is my watermelon pot and this was so so cool and we had loot of fun

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Jerry Term 4 Animation Voice Over - Ako 3

This is my animation voice over writing. Here is the task we followed.

So the kid in a Deep valley in Tonga and there is a lion eat the kid and that not god and the kid are so so so mad and the kid mum and dad they are not home and all the kid are not in the zone Because the mum and dad have to be in the zone so they can look and if the mum and dad are no home they mad to have a Quiet voice when they go the kid woke up and they say in there home so the lion can not eat and when everybody dial and the people and the people Jesus and the us and they had a fight and these fort and they fort should we fight and the people..THE...EAD

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Keyhole Narrative

So I'm learning about Captain America when you look up our house and we also attach generate power and stuff and he can lift up our house and Superman game come in and destroyed a house Captain America Captain America comes and destroy the whole house with people and stuff and your looks like we're all going So when Superman of star house out with tie together down in the pipes, Pandora Water gardens there was a boy and he was so so cool and the mum was is the………………………...END

Monday, 5 November 2018

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Jerry Recount Week 2, Term 4

In the Holiday we when for the Best Swim in my life and the Was like swimming with the dolphin Then after that we went to rainbows. End And we, Went undrinkable. Then we saw uncle ever and loosing and we said hi and give me money for my birthday and Because it me my Brother And my. Little sister. This and my mum was for my birthday And. I Turning 10 We went on the roller coaster. But. e went for sure because it's only for little people at the end of. he day we got have some cake and And they sing Happy Birthday then we went to sleep. Then we. Woke up and we had Pancake For breakfast and Then I was back to normal I was doing chores It was so. Cool when is my birthday cuz I didn't do Anything the end…….

Thursday, 18 October 2018

aboriginal art symbols

                                              when will going for camp the  human's  cause your training and there was rainbows and they want to go find a new cam and they

math 2018

Term 4 week 1 problem 1

   Term 4 week 1 problem 1

Jerry Recount

Last term, on Friday we had Cross country and i came 11th. When he said go and I was coming second and then tipi came 1 But I came 11, he is so  fast and my brother paid the fastest guy and he was so fast he Beat me at running. When we were running he ran on mud and it felt like we were on a piece of cake because we were Standing on the Mud that was behind the gate I slipped in the mud and my face got covered in mud and it was the Scariest thing in my life because I was supposed come first but i came 11 I was so scared because I was coming last but a and I Still happy when I came 11th I was still happy because we had a promise with my mum and she said if I came something and 11 so get me McDonald's and I was never forgot there so I went to McDonald's and we got McDonald's

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Term 4 Writing - planning and writing doc.

Talofa lava it  Jerry Welcome back to my blog I hope you have a good term reading my story and learning about more about our class and I hope you Comment on my blog Hope you learn about me and my classroom and my blog is so so cool and i hope you enjoy my blog  and. Can achieve this term i can Listen and i can achieve and I think I can overcome this challenge by sitting by myself and doing my work. I Think we are learning about art to.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


The Race


                                                                  THIS IS ME RAT AND THE OX AND THE Pig WAS IN AND That Was me 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Jerry Designing a sport: Planning and writing doc

We need one personal on each side everyday super bowl of adult minimum time with disqualified

So the rules at Events more than winter and the other person gets a point

Im go to use i Tennis racquet in a bowl and I'm going to play tennis for my The task is a game and the game is tennis The goal to win a maximum of 35 that's the limit The goal to win a maximum of 35 that's the limit when Oh my god I'm going to be a YouTube ice cream and some tennis balls and some tennis racket
Oh my god I'm going to be a YouTube ice cream and some tennis balls and some tennis racket

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


sheep View

If i was a sheep i will be like someone Was still my child and i will be Trying to attack the person who made my baby sheep cry and i The runaway I will chase after them i Think they will freeze and we will go away but i will run away with my baby Taylor because they might kill it and i will go get the dad sheep because than the Trying to be near my baby and i fut like i was i did look After my Child and he Was having a comfortable slip on under the tree the…. . END

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Sheep Dictation"

The mother Sheep was walking along the path she Realise Touching distance with a lamb She let out a large Leap that echoes Across the paddock The sleepy lamb Came to What us slowly returning to has sleep The ship got closer and closer That thought I was gonna run I began to Penrith Was she going to attack me Holding my breath as I was free I side as the Sheep Dodged me Whew that was a close call… the END 1 The mother Sheep was walking along the path she Realise Touching distance with a lamb She let out a large Leap that echoes Across the paddock The sleepy lamb Came to What us slowly returning to has sleep The ship got closer and closer That thought I was gonna run I began to Penrith Was she going to attack me Holding my breath as I was free I side as the Sheep Dodged me Whew that was a close call… the END 1

Thursday, 23 August 2018


           this my math it cool

this is my Map of our run

maths 2018

                              my maths is an like 1+1=2 so this is my maths


Make Way for Dad

                                   this is my Reading  and i like it was so so fun to Reading.......

The Free JucIe

Peephole Narrative

the was a bom and tipi was so so cool he spot the bom and the Mount Eden and in Mount Eden the bom was in the city and the People ana they Share the bom and it was in a home and the People want and the go go go and the man that did that and they want to the Military and the Military look for the man that did it and it was so so so not cool and people was so so so not cool Because he was not cool and he want home and a lot money and the popo come and he look in the peephole and it was man than he want out and it was a picturmpty and he was so so Dumb he want out and He got put to jail and the day Before that there was a I gave to go out of the jail and they want out than the jail was empty and the popo did care so the………………………………….

Friday, 17 August 2018

math Money Everywhere

math Jerry

math Jerry

Movie Narrative

Movie Narrative

WALT write our ideas in an order which makes sense.

WALT turn a narrative text into a movie storyboard.

Start writing here: One morning there was a boy named Stevenson, he was cool and he was handsome and he was so in love with animals. One day Stevenson  went outside for adventurous walk with his dog Jaffa. While he was on his adventurous walk, he saw something very cool that was so beautiful he decided to walk over to the other side of the road and take a look at it. Guess what it was, it was a pet store. Stevenson was so happy that he took a look inside the shop.
When Stevenson entered, he saw a lot of cool things like goldfish,birds, cat and many more cool animals.
Stevenson was so happy that he. Could buy any animal in the shop, when he was looking around the shop, he saw a super cute cat and he fell in love with it so he bought it.
When he bought it he took it home with him that he made him a special bed and it was so warm.
Stevensons dog Jaffa was jealous because Stevenson was’t interested in the cat.
One night Jaffa was so angry Stevenson went to work one night and when the cat fell asleep, Jaffa went to go and gobble the cat up into his tummy.
YUM YUM said jaffa.
When stevenson came back from his job, he found out that he couldn’t find the cat, he looked and looked but couldn't find him.
Jaffa was sad that he did something wrong so he spewed the cat out of his tummy and jaffa got into deep trouble and jaffa got put down and Stevenson beautiful and  Enormous and the cat was so so Jealous and the cat How to get rid of the enormous big dog.................              

Thursday, 16 August 2018

jerry CCCCC

the is week we are wokeing and if you are to play it you can

Friday, 3 August 2018

my math Jerry

the My Hauora

Order is a Maori word the The four Maroon Supply ability and strength And the board dimensions are Taha tinana In Physical well-being your In a garden Anthony and self confident Taha whanau Social well-being and self-esteem Taha wairua Spiritual well-being I personally believe

Jerry math

   problem for this week is about learning about math

Friday, 27 July 2018

Assembly Writing

On monday day we had a immersion assembly at immersion assembly we did some jump jam then we sat down. We watched team 1s it was a little bit funny. Then we watch team 2s I like the part how mrs moran was at a farm and they played my favorite song and they used a drone to take voided from the sky and mr moran and mrs moran was doing a dance in their house. Then mrs moran made a fruit drink. Team 3s movie was so funny mr moran was sleeping and then his fack mom wolk him up it was funny. Team 4s was my team they made this game in there movie it’s called spon hockey. Then we watch team 5s there won was a play it was about doing yoga mr wasman was funny.

Move ya’ Body ~ Writing

Monday, 2 July 2018

Force of Fly

When my plane Takes off it has Force of Fly and And it goes around the world and needs to stop in different planes because of it's too heavy it will not my problem it will go in the water when they they never stop when you're going to Australia Day little stuff and like Sydney to go to live Brisbane because all they have forces of flight Alissa proper way to be properly weighted to go around the world and the right gas so nothing can happen.


~ Skydiving ~
Imaginative Recount Writing

Walt: write an effective and engaging recount.
Walt: include a variety of sentence types in our writing.
Walt: elaborate on our ideas using interesting and relevant details.
Step 1: Watch the video of a skydive. Step 2:

Talk to your neighbour about what it would be like to go skydiving. Add your ideas to the padlet.
Step 3: Plan for your writing

Imaginative Recount Writing
Me and tipi.    I when it a plane i was Terrified. In a Alaska. Of the plane

3-4 Experiences
Descriptive language/ elaborate:
Conclusion: How are you going to finish your recount?

Step 4: Start writing.

Once upon a time I was terrified I was jumping off the flight I didn't know what I was doing then that's when I went jump off the plane I felt like ice cream stepping on my face then there was a felt like I was having a cold cold cold shower and school then there when I was terrified didn't know what to do then I'll put my parachutes then I felt like something was forcing me back I would like a dog pulling me and it was cool so as Icy cold shower
  • I have watched the video of the sky dive.
  • I have planned my writing.
  • I have used punctuation (full stops, capital letters, etc.).
  • I have added detail to my writing by adding descriptive vocab (adjectives, adverbs).
  • I have used at least 3 of my senses in my writing (hear, see, taste, smell, touch).
  • I have included my own emotions.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Too Many Possums

Too Many Possums

P2-Why are possums considered pests?
Because they're dangerou
P2-Why do you think we don’t see possums very often?
They sleepin daylight they come out at night
P4-Why are possums pests in NZ but not Australia?
Because it  sunny
P6-Why is it a problem having so many possums?
Because they keep growing in New Zealand

Read your story to a buddy in your group have them rate you on the categories below. Talk about what you can do to improve your reading out loud.#

I read the story clearly and was careful when reading full stops.
I read the story with expression - it was fun to listen to.
I said all the words right.