Friday, 3 August 2018

my math Jerry

the My Hauora

Order is a Maori word the The four Maroon Supply ability and strength And the board dimensions are Taha tinana In Physical well-being your In a garden Anthony and self confident Taha whanau Social well-being and self-esteem Taha wairua Spiritual well-being I personally believe

Jerry math

   problem for this week is about learning about math

Friday, 27 July 2018

Assembly Writing

On monday day we had a immersion assembly at immersion assembly we did some jump jam then we sat down. We watched team 1s it was a little bit funny. Then we watch team 2s I like the part how mrs moran was at a farm and they played my favorite song and they used a drone to take voided from the sky and mr moran and mrs moran was doing a dance in their house. Then mrs moran made a fruit drink. Team 3s movie was so funny mr moran was sleeping and then his fack mom wolk him up it was funny. Team 4s was my team they made this game in there movie it’s called spon hockey. Then we watch team 5s there won was a play it was about doing yoga mr wasman was funny.

Move ya’ Body ~ Writing