Thursday, 18 October 2018

aboriginal art symbols

                                              when will going for camp the  human's  cause your training and there was rainbows and they want to go find a new cam and they

math 2018

Term 4 week 1 problem 1

   Term 4 week 1 problem 1

Jerry Recount

Last term, on Friday we had Cross country and i came 11th. When he said go and I was coming second and then tipi came 1 But I came 11, he is so  fast and my brother paid the fastest guy and he was so fast he Beat me at running. When we were running he ran on mud and it felt like we were on a piece of cake because we were Standing on the Mud that was behind the gate I slipped in the mud and my face got covered in mud and it was the Scariest thing in my life because I was supposed come first but i came 11 I was so scared because I was coming last but a and I Still happy when I came 11th I was still happy because we had a promise with my mum and she said if I came something and 11 so get me McDonald's and I was never forgot there so I went to McDonald's and we got McDonald's