Monday, 3 July 2017

Frosty and BMX Kid

Frosty and BMX Kid

Jumping into the big deep deep blue sea the boy did a powerful bomb  it was very cool. Then the boy did his bomb the

The BMX boy had a chat with a man the BMX boy said can you do a big bomb I not no so he did a bomb it was a bravely bomb and a real great bomb it so so good.and he said my nan can do a bigger bomb than you.

Gods bom was very powerful and so strong going down into the deep deep blue water and it was so great he spins round and round and he did the biggest bomb ever then his nan.


This is room 12/11 story for this week

Write 2 sentences for each main event from the story - use the pictures to help you.

At the night time Tamarereti was asleep.
Then Tamarereti come out of the wanted  and it b ool the bot to the bay.
Then when he woke up he no the boy and the snu come out when.
Then he caught some fish Then he went off to  sleep

When he went to sleep the wind bool the bot.
Then he got to a boy he did fine and he got has feins.
Then he  go somet pep in has bot and he pulled has boat.
Then he threw some pep in The sky and it show

Then he got to

This is my haunted house story

I can see a very Big some come to their was  grass something in the There was very Big grass i can see a  very Big and the 4 people they ran from something big so they ran and ran he was so the big.

The is a Story about swimming

Diving At The Pool

What is a swimming carnival? p.2
It is a race
Why doesn’t she like swimming? p.3
She cannot dive
Why did Yasmin feel upset? p.4
People Think she cannot do it
Why couldn’t Yasmin eat her dinner? p.6
Because people say She cannot do it

Draw a picture in Pixlr of yourself diving off a diving board and insert the image below.