Monday, 11 September 2017

Picked for the Team

Picked for the Team.

Answer the questions below. Think very carefully about each question and answer in full sentences.

Was Lee a lot slower than Hannah? How do you know?
Why do you think Hannah dropped her bag on the verandah when she came home from school?
Because she got pack for the Team
Why did Mom  say “We won’t move you, because you may have broken your leg.”?
Because she broke her leg and tripped over
Why do you think Dad put his jacket around Hannah?
Because she was cold and scared
What was the doing when she said hello to Hannah in the morning?
Because it's nice
Why do you think children who are in hospital have special treats and visitors?
They never saw her now when she broke her leg that's why they came in
What does the following phrase mean?
“Ella Roberts!” Hannah could hardly believe her eyes and ears.

For each picture, decide how each character might be feeling - and why. Choose the feeling words from the box below.

concerned       proud        elated        scared          worried       nervous        disappointed     privileged

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