Tuesday, 12 June 2018

the star

  1. Take time to think about the story and fill in the retell chart.
  2. Watch the movie on the site.
  3. Fold a fish of your own following the directions.  Be sure to decorate your fish with pride and lots of colour.
  4. Post a picture of your fish on your blog. Write 2-3 sentences about why the fish is so important to Maori culture based on the story we read in class.

The Star Fishes

Who? Mother, 7 fishes Tataraimaka Tane
Where? Sea

First, to stay  away from Tataraimaka and to stay on the rook from Tataraimaka

Next, Tataraimaka caught the 7 little fishes     

Then, Tane felt sorry from them so he let them go    

Finally, he let them go in the sky and they came matariki

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