Monday, 11 June 2018

Writing - Recount

When we want out ti was so so suning ti we want out of a game and we laid Copper and we try to go on the copper it we was had and we try to get the boy to get on the Copper and it got smile and smile and ti was the girl to hop on the copper and ti look easy and ti was had for the boy but ti got smile for the girl and ti was so so easy but when it came to room 9 boy and when it got smile for the boy ti got had for the boy but we laid down on them and it did go well and we like it and we did an han one all of room 9 all hop on and we did not good and we did a lan and it was cool and we tha was the cools day in room 9 Literacy Class And it was so so so cool but the boy came.

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